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15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time


2. American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is another breed that is often identified as a Pit Bull. They share similar physical characteristics with other bully breeds, primarily a stout body, short hair and similar skull and muzzle shape. This makes them easy to identify visually and often causes some people to react fearfully when they see one walking by.

Along with its tough looks, the American Pit Bull Terrier has another mark against it: a history of fighting. When two dogs of any breed fight, the ideas is not to inflict harm or kill the other animal. Most canines put on a big show to try and resolve the dispute with little bloodshed through posturing, nipping and intimidation.

The problem with the Pit Bull is that it was bred to respond differently, which can make it difficult to handle an unpredictable fighting situation. Should the dog feel threatened or fearful, it may react suddenly without giving any warning. While other breeds growl and react dramatically, hoping to end the confrontation without injury, the Pit Bull may become aggressive almost instantly.

This breed is known for being very persistent when fighting, which means that it may not back down. They also don’t always inhibit bites which leads to greater injury. When the American Pit Bull gets into a fight, it’s more likely to be catastrophic for the dog’s opponent, whether they are human, canine or any other animal.

Just like many other “hated” breeds, the Pit Bull can make a great companion. The key is socialization. Positive experiences and interactions with other dogs and people during the Pit Bull’s early life will have a significant impact on its overall behavior later.

Owners should still note that due to this breed’s fighting qualities, it is more likely to escalate a confrontation than other dogs. Even a friendly Pit Bull should be closely monitored when interacting with an animal it does not know.

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