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15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time


Dogs are an extremely diverse species. In reality, only a small portion of all current dog breeds are relatively well known. Those that are, sometimes suffer because of it. Bad press and first impressions based on rumors and physical appearance have influenced the opinions of the general population. It’s easy to jump to conclusions without considering the bigger picture.

Many factors beyond breed come into play when determining a dog’s behavior. Other influences include genetics, gender, environmental factors, physical activity and treatment by the dog’s owner. Whether they deserve it or not, the following 15 breeds are considered hated and feared by the general public.

1. American Bulldog

The American Bulldog ranks among the tragically misunderstood “bully breeds”, often referred to as Pit Bulls. These breeds are often emphasized in news stories because they are very strong and can severely harm or kill a human being.

They were originally bread to bait bulls and bears, so they had to be very hardy and powerful. Unfortunately their reputation is further sullied by irresponsible people who train them for illegal dog fighting activities or use them for intimidation purposes.

One of the biggest issues that cause poor Bulldog behavior is socialization. Anyone who wants to raise an American Bulldog from puppyhood should prepare to offer significant socialization opportunities to their pet. This should include putting them in a variety of situations with different people of all ages – especially children.

The American Bulldog will naturally form a strong bond with their beloved owners. They may seem reserved or aloof with people they don’t know. Deep down they are very emotional canines who crave attention from their human companion. A Bulldog that’s properly raised and trained will be a loyal pet.

Problems can also arise when owners don’t recognize the limitations of their Bulldog. A dog that is fearful or feeling overwhelmed is more likely to lash out. Owners should be aware of the environment around their pet and be prepared to remove the dog, if the situation becomes too intense for the animal to handle.

American Bulldogs can apply around 235 pounds of force when they bite, which can cause serious damage should they choose to bite a human being. That bite can also be dangerous when the dog doesn’t intend to do significant harm.

In November 2013, a 7 year old girl in Xenia, Ohio was outside playing with her American Bulldog when the dog became aggressive and bit her leg, dragging her around the yard. When police arrived the dog was sitting nearby and the girl was otherwise unharmed. This situation could have been avoided with better supervision by an adult and a better understanding of how a child and large dog should play.

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