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20 Most Expensive Breeds to Own


If you had an extra million dollars or two laying around, would you drop it all on man’s best friend? Some people would, and in fact, they have. Owning a dog is a big business for some over-the-top animal lovers who think nothing of spending thousands or even millions of dollars to own that one-of-a-kind pooch of their dreams.

Whether it’s their luxurious coats, their aristocratic history or their lovable personalities, some breeds of dog garner bigger money on the pet and show dog circuit than others.

If it’s Mastiffs, Terriers and/or Spaniels that occupy your dreams at night, proceed with caution – these breeds have all made the list of World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds. They are the fancy colored diamonds of the domesticated pet world.

1. Lowchen

Lowchen – the little dog with the big personality. Bred purely for companionship, Lowchens excel at giving love and puppy kisses. In German, the name means “Little Lion.” This is due, in part, to the Lowchen’s distinctive trim in which the mane is left shaggy and full while the hindquarters are shaved close.

In days of old, it’s rumored this cut had a functional purpose – the little dogs slept in the beds of princesses with their close-cropped end under the covers to help warm them, and the shaggy mane outside the covers to help draw away fleas.

Regardless of its more “useful” past, this breed has changed little down through the centuries – still accustomed to a life filled with pampering and pleasure, Lowchens function best and remain happiest when lolling about on the beds and couches of their master’s home. If you bring one home, prepare to spoil him.

Dating back to the 16th Century, Lowchens are featured prominently in the artwork and painting of the ages. This breed may be tiny, but it’s fearless. According to the Lowchen Club of America, it’s the Lowchen’s lack of fear that makes it such a good competition dog.

Grooming is essential for the Lowchen owner. Thick hair that mats easily must be brushed several times a week at least to help the dog remain comfortable.

Lowchens enjoy a life of leisurely fun – a nice walk once a day, good grooming, a family to love them – if they have these necessities, this breed will remain an affable and likeable companion.

Aside from the work involved, this breed makes a wonderful family pet. To bring one home, set aside at least $800. And, although you may not realize it, this is small beans compared to several other breeds of dog that consistently attract the wealthiest pet owners around the globe.

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