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11 Dogs Found Abandoned In Apartment, Authorities Looking For Irresponsible Owner


Almost a dozen dogs were found abandoned and neglected in a Lawton, Michigan apartment after the landlord Robert Michael Allen heard barking and contacted the local authorities. He told the police that a 56-year-old woman who owns the Chihuahua mixes left the apartment more than a month ago, while her sons moved out last week.  Even though all of them moved out, they left the dogs completely alone, without food and water.

The kind landlord adopted one of the dogs who was suffering from severe malnutrition. The pooch named Tim was the smallest one in the pack and couldn’t get any food (if there was any) because the bigger dogs would eat everything before he would get a chance to take a bite. In addition to providing a home for Tim, Robert called animal control who took the other canines at the county shelter.

When officers arrived to the apartment, they found the 11 pooches who were all in terrible condition, according to Sgt. Ron Douglas.

“Upon executing the search warrant, we found 11 dogs inside a one-bedroom apartment. They did not have any food or water, and there was feces and urine about the apartment.”

Van Buren County Animal Control is still searching for the cruel owner of these dogs who will undoubtedly be prosecuted.

Anyone with information about this case or any animal cruelty concerns in Van Buren County is asked to contact the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office at 269-657-3101, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-342-7867, or Silent Observer at 269-343-2100.

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Doggy News

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