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‘Tis Love That Makes The World Go Round!


You know you’re in love when…

1. Nothing can keep you apart.

2. When you’ll do anything to see each other.

3. When everything is better when you’re together.

4. When you’d rather be home alone than out partying.

5. When you miss your sweetheart before they’ve even left the house.

6. When you have a shoulder to lean on.

7. When all you want to do is cuddle.

8. When you don’t want to sleep alone ever again.

9. When you want to learn about all the things they like.

10. When you feel safe all the time.

11. When you look really happy together.

12. When you hold hands.

13. When you have you very own little world.

14. When you are in a bad mood, but stay together.

15. When you’re angry at each other, but stay together.

16. When you’re romantic.

17. When you think the sun always shines.

18. When you go on a holiday together.

19. When you can stop worrying for a moment and enjoy your time together.

20. When you share everything.

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21. When you want to learn new things.

22. When you can’t keep your eyes off each other.

23. Or paws.

24. When you make big plans.

25. When you wouldn’t change them for the world.

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