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These Dogs Understand The Struggles Every Lazy Person Faces


These 15 dogs give a completely new meaning to the word lazy.

1. When you think you want to do something, but then realize you just don’t have the time.

#tebow #bella 🐶🐶 #maltesemix #englishbulldog #bestbuds #naptime 😴#lazydogs #tebowman #bellagirl

A photo posted by 🌟Victoria👑 💖 (@royalty086) on

2. When you don’t understand all the fuss about going out on a wonderful, sunny day.

It's a shame they have such a tough life. #chester #chloe #pitsandpuggles #lazydogs

A photo posted by Jen (@jennymp86) on

3. When you want to change the channel, but the remote is just way too far, far away.

4. ‘Not today, maybe tomorrow’

Life is Good. #lifeisgood #bulldog #pugs #instadog #dogs #puglife #sunday #sisters

A photo posted by Brandy Carnes (@bc99354) on

5. When life is too short to spend it working.

6. When you have to pee, but you’ve found the perfect sleeping position.

7. When you’re hungry, but the food is all the way in the kitchen.

8. When nothing can disturb your nap time.

#dognamedsue and D enjoying fall while it lasts. #lazydogs

A photo posted by Lax (@montanalax) on

9. Good morning? Not gonna happen!

10. When you want to enjoy your road trip, but the car seats are way too tempting.

11. When there’s a really good show on TV.

12. When the elevator is broken.

13. When you want to spend a nice, romantic evening with your significant other.

🐶💤On vous dérange pas trop j'espère? #lazydogs #dogs #pitbull #chihuahua #Lou #Dallas #funny

A photo posted by Pier-Elie Paul (@piereliepaul) on

14. When you don’t understand why you have to get up in the morning.

15. When you tell everyone that you are too busy to go out on a Friday night.

So mom said it was our turn to make the bed today. How'd we do guys? 😳 #chores #lazydogs #wedontevengetanallowanceforthjs

A photo posted by Lady Macbeth & Edgar Allan Poe (@ladymacbethbully) on

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