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These Dogs Are Glammed Up And Ready For New Year’s Eve


Needless to say, dogs are the stars of every party.

Doggies know that when you’re well organized, your party is going to be phenomenal.

Some of them have a day off, so they want to relax before the celebration.

Smart pooches pick the perfect outfit in advance.

Pups purchase everything they need before the holidays.

They get rid of all the house junk.

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Mom forgot to pack my Kong ahead of time today, so instead I entertained myself by shredding the mail and knocking over a table to get to the bowl of leftover Halloween candy sitting on it. I then proceeded to eat the entire bowl including all but a few of the wrappers. It was a fun time until Mom got home… I'll let her tell the rest. I was lucky that the candy wasn't chocolate. I decided to act on my feet and try inducing vomiting before all of the wrappers reached his intestines. 1ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide per 1 pound of weight but no more than 45ml. A teaspoon is about 5ml. I tossed it down his throat, and within 5 minutes every bit of it came up! It saved me a trip to the vet, so if your dog ever eats something dangerous and has yet to exhibit symptoms, give this a try!

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Also, they prepare nice surprises for their loved ones.

Once their friends arrive, dogs are ready to kick off 2015!

Happy New Year, stay pawtastic!

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