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No One Can Resist A Bichon Frise!


The Bichon Frise originated in the 13th century as a descendent from the Water Spaniel.

They became the French royalty’s favorites in the 16th century and were also cherished by the painters of the Spanish school. Today, Bichons are primarily companion and show dogs.

They are tiny, fluffy and lively dogs who love everyone and need their humans to be happy. Bichons are intelligent, bold and friendly pets who are eager to learn. Also, they are amazing with kids and other animals.

1. This one who has a gift for you

2. And this one who is part of the big surprise

I just came in the mail📦

A photo posted by Blakey (@blakey_the_bichon) on

3. This one who is happy in a box with his BFF

Happy in a box together just before they started fighting. #bichon #bichonfrise #puppy #toddler

A photo posted by Sam Swallow (@sam_swallow) on

4. This one who doesn’t know what to wear

5. This one who doesn’t feel like playing anymore

6. This one who wants to impress you

Allow me to serenade you 🎹🎼🎶

A photo posted by 🐾 💖 Kirby 💖 🐾 (@kirby_the_silly) on

7. This one who has a super important day in front of her

First day of puppy kindergarten #bichon #bichonpuppy

A photo posted by Ellie (@elliebichon) on

8. This one who is ready for another adventure


A photo posted by Delia Wong (@delia_wong) on

9. This one who wants to eat all day long

My first road trip to Tellico at 10 weeks. Like my monogram bowls? #bichon #bichonpuppy

A photo posted by Ellie (@elliebichon) on

10. This bunch who wants to make the perfect picture

Meillä on kampaaja tänään. 😍

A photo posted by Whitemoonwalker Bichon Frise (@whitemoonwalkerbichons) on

11. These guys who have some important things to do

🐶🐶🐶 #puppies #bichon #bichonfrise #bichonpuppy #baba #cute #measuringtape

A photo posted by ali delaney (@alidelaney) on

12. This one who never wants to go home

13. This one who is having the best time ever

Wooooo-E! Bennie's takin' the wheel! 🐶🚗 #BennieBichon #bichon #bichonpuppy #smile #rollinonwheels #infiniti

A photo posted by 🐚Jamie Leigh Centrone (@jlboma) on

14. This one who’s had a busy week


A photo posted by 아기와 비숑프리제 (@choi3392) on

15. And this one who wants to call it a day

#bichonpuppy #little#Daisy #little #pink all comfy at her new home with#scruffy #Cat

A photo posted by lynns02 (@lynns02) on

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Doggy News

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