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20 Most Popular Puppy Names


3. Cody

The first unisex puppy name on the Bow Wow Meow top 20, Cody is Irish or Gaelic in origin. Think Baby Names lists its meaning as “helpful,” while Bow Wow Meow claims it relates to a cushion, thus suggesting it as a humorous name for a roly-poly built dog. The Wild West showman Buffalo Bill Cody is often credited with increasing Cody’s popularity as a first name.

Although fictional dogs named Cody are hard to find, one hardworking dog in Hollywood is named Cody in real life. According to Dog Names Woof, an Alaskan malamute sporting the Gaelic moniker has played Nanook in the 1987 movie “The Lost Boys” and also appeared in the Steven Seagal film “On Deadly Ground” and “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”

More recently, an adorable Maltese named Cody gained internet fame as the Howling Dog, according to Carbonated TV. The video seems to show this tiny dog responding to his name with a disturbingly human-like scream. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” featured the video and it has since gone viral.

The organization Humane Ohio has the Cody Fund, named after the founder’s beloved dog. Cody had been adopted from a shelter that has an euthanization policy. Despite being a well-behaved and adoptable animal, Cody’s days were numbered for the simple reason that space was limited. The fund in her name helps people pay for spaying and neutering as well as treatments for fleas, heartworms, small wounds or infections.

In November of 2013, as reported by AZ Family, a Utah family was involved in an accident on an Arizona interstate. Their dog Cody was lost in the chaos. Somehow, the dog managed to survive for a month in the wild. After many sightings, an Animal Control officer was able to catch Cody, who was filthy but otherwise healthy.

A local volunteer offered to drive the dog back to Utah for a reunion with his family, which, sadly, lost one member to the crash.

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