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20 Most Popular Puppy Names


2. Brandy

Encompassing all the spelling variations – Brandee, Brandie, Brandi, and others – Brandy landed at number 19 on the Bow Wow Meow dog name list. English in origin, Brandy is most commonly known as a type of distilled wine, but may also have evolved as a female version of Brandon, according to Think Baby Names.

The R-and-B singer who goes only by her first name is a notable Brandy in pop culture. Ironically, Brandy’s mother, according to the Fox News entertainment blog, named her daughter after a neighbor’s dog who she said “was very pretty,” just like her newborn baby.

The name more likely conjures up thoughts of alcoholic drinks, though, like a Brandy Alexander. Both images invoke sweetness, making Brandy an ideal name for a small, loving puppy.

Not as common as a dog name in movies or fiction, Brandy is the name of a talking dog in the 2004-2006 Disney series, “Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.” The sophisticated mutt forms an unlikely friendship with a rabbit in the animated show, according to an article by CBS Interactive. Kaley Cuoco of “The Big Bang Theory” voiced Brandy during the show’s two seasons.

A real-life Brandy was measured as the world’s smallest dog, according to Britain’s “The Daily Mail” newspaper, in 2008. The Chihuahua, whose full name is Heaven Sent Brandy, hasn’t grown since she was adopted by a Florida woman at nine months of age. Brandy measures six inches from nose to tail and weighs only two pounds, so small she can’t even bark.

On March 9, 1972, according to the Transportation Safety Administration, a dog named Brandy helped raise the profile of – and possibly the increase in – bomb-sniffing dogs around the U.S.

At New York City’s JFK International Airport, Brandy was called on to find an anonymously reported bomb hidden on an unspecified TWA flight. According to an article at Examiner, Brandy signaled detection of explosives by sitting in front of a bag marked “Crew” on TWA flight 7, which had turned back 15 minutes into its journey to Los Angeles.

A policeman disarmed the device just 12 minutes before detonation. President Richard Nixon gave orders that day to use creative means to secure civil aviation, resulting in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Explosives Detection Canine Team Program.

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