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20 Dogs For Busy People



4. Shiba Inu

One of Japan’s six native breeds, the Shiba Inu was originally created to flush birds and small game, and to hunt wild boar. Of course, today they serve primarily as companion dogs both in Japan and in the United States. Known for their lively personality, Shiba Inus have the ability to move as quickly and easily as cats. The Japanese have three words to describe the breed’s personality: kaani-I, ryosei and soboku which translate to spirited boldness, good nature and alertness. When you combine these three traits, you get a pretty good idea about the breed’s temperament. Since they possess these qualities, Shibu Inas are self-assured, stubborn and have a superior opinion about themselves.

Because of their independence and strong will, they are not easy to train. It is important to make the Shibu Ina think that obedience is their idea. In addition to being super independent, Shibu Inas have a tendency to be possessive. If they think something is theirs, they will guard it with their life.

In spite of all these traits, the Shibu Ina is a good family dog. They are faithful and caring and love spending time with kids as long as they are properly trained and socialized, and the children treat him kindly. They can be left home alone, but make sure that your fence is secured because they tend to chase after smaller animals due to their strong hunting instincts. And bear in mind that they should be leashed when they are not at home because they can be dog-aggressive.

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Doggy News

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