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20 Dogs For Busy People


11. Akita

Thanks to Hollywood, Akitas are one of the most famous dogs in the world. They starred in the heart-breaking 2009 movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale which is based on a true story of a loyal Akita Inu. The box office hit told the sad tale of a faithful Akita who waited 10 long years for his deceased owner to return home. This devoted Japanese breed was first used for guarding royalty, hunting wild boar, bears and deer.

Since they were trusted with the lives of Japanese nobility, it’s not surprising that these dogs are fearless and unbelievably loyal guardians of their families. Apart from being heroically brave, Akitas are loving, respectful and kind dogs.

If they are properly socialized, they will be surprisingly sweet and caring with family members and other pets. Akitas will never back down from a challenge and may prove to be a bit too stubborn, even for the most experienced owner.

However, humans need to understand that their natural instinct is to protect and serve their family at all times. On the other hand, Akitas are reserved and silent with strangers, though they will be somewhat welcoming to a house visitor as long as their family is home. Although they are social dogs who need a lot of time with their humans, Akitas will tolerate your absence on a daily basis.

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Doggy News

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