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15 Ways that People Unnecessarily Shorten Their Dogs Lives


5. Not having a microchip implanted in the dog

In 2012, the ASPCA released a study about lost pets. They found that 5 to 7 million pets entered animal shelters every year. Of those millions of pets, 3 to 4 million were euthanized. Of the dogs that entered shelters, about 60 percent had to be put down because there just was not enough space for them in the shelter.

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, only about 15 percent of dogs are returned to their owners after ending up in a shelter. Most of those dogs are returned to their owners just because of permanent, identifying marks like a microchip.

Microchipping is the surest way of protecting a dog from being permanently separated from his family. Indoor dogs can slip out of the house, and collars can break or slip off of the dog. Microchips can never be lost or broken. A microchip is a tiny computer that is safely inserted underneath the skin of a dog, usually in the scruff of the dog’s neck. About the size of a grain of rice, a microchip transmits identifying information about the dog and the dog owner to veterinarians who have microchip readers.

If a dog is separated from its family, the animal shelter can read the microchip and get in touch with the owner of the dog so that the animal can be returned safely to where he belongs.

A microchip can definitively save a dog’s life. It has already been said confirmed that most of the dogs that enter animal shelters are euthanized, but a simple microchip inserted under a dog’s skin can help him avoid that untimely end.

The procedure for inserting a microchip under a dog’s skin is quick, painless, and safe. Additionally, the cost is usually just $25 to $50 per dog. However, owners should always keep their information up to date with the microchipping company.

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