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15 Incredibly Charming And Supportive Wedding Guests


When your big day comes, you’ll want your best friends to be there.

1. This handsome fella who can’t take his eyes off you

2. This little one who’s been rehearsing everything for weeks

3. They couldn’t be happier that you’ve also found your soul mate

4. And they will gladly share their experience with you!

5. This one’s getting a bit emotional

Handsome ol' chap. #annikan #dogwedding #weddingdogs #dogsinweddings

A post shared by Annikan and Bill Bill (@talesofagoldenirishlife) on

6. This sweetheart is super excited now that the big day is finally here

7. And this one’s maybe had a bit too much to drink

8. Some can’t wait to lay their paws on the food

Dog Wedding Photos! #dogwedding #doggiebags #greatdane #fawnequin

A post shared by Scottie Key Watson (@scottiekeywatson) on

9. Others are dying to try the cake

Barkn Belly Bakery is being rebirthed, specializing now in custom specialty cakes.

A post shared by Barkn Belly Bakery (@barknbellybakery) on

10. This heartbreaker is perfectly happy among the bridesmaids

11. This darling one is trying really hard not to cry

12. This one will always be there for you

Como resistir a esse olhar? 🐶😍 #bomdia #lovedog #doglove #weddingdog #dogwedding #dogs #pajem #quartafeira

A post shared by Por Beta Martinez (@meubuque) on

13. This precious one is over the moon for you two

14. This one knows you’ll always be best friends

Quem vai levar o dog para o casamento? #dogatwedding #cachorro #petlovers #casamento #melhoramigo #amor #verbocasar

A post shared by Verbo Casar por Dalila Rosa (@verbocasar) on

15. And this one couldn’t be prouder that there’s three of you now!

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