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15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time

Photo credit: fortinbras / Flickr

9. Akita

Some people are scared of Akitas, and in some ways those fears aren’t unfounded. The Akita is a spitz breed that hails from Japan. They tend to be very dominant, powerful and independent. They are also known for being territorial and generally do not react well to strangers or other dogs of the same gender. Breed specific legislation has targeted the Akita much like it has the Pit Bull breeds.

A dog’s owner is often a big part of what causes some dogs to attack. It could be poor care or simply a lack of understanding of the breed that leads to injury or even death. The Akita is an example of a dog that should not be raised by inexperienced dog owners. If not well socialized and properly trained, this breed can be very difficult to control.

The Akita is large and strong, but not as big and bulky as some of the other most hated breeds. Many look very handsome and endearing. The big issue with the Akita is its personality. This breed is highly territorial. They are usually reserved with people they do not know and are generally not tolerant of dogs of the same gender.

While training, exercise and socialization can help improve the Akita’s attitude, it will still possess some or all of these traits. They must learn to accept strangers who are welcomed into their territory by their owners. On the positive side, the Akita is very protective when its family is faced by a threat which is why they can make decent guard dogs.

What comes as a surprise is that this breed is believed to have an affinity for children. They are generally good with the younger members of the household. Of course that being said, adults still must play an active role by supervising children and dogs when they are together – regardless of the breed.

Mishandling of the Akita can cause dangerous situations, so potential owners should do significant research before they adopt to prevent furthering the breed’s negative reputation.

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