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15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time


6. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd’s bad rap actually comes from the many excellent traits the breed possesses. The average GSD is intelligent, strong and hardworking. Those same traits make them a force to be reckoned with in the wrong situation.

Their role at the side of police officers gives them a look of authority, which can make some people nervous. Overall the breed is loyal and has tons of potential, but can be steered in the wrong direction if mistreated or ill-trained.

When most people think of the German Shepherd dog, they envision footage of police chases where K-9 units take down a fleeing suspect. While this is a positive thing for the public, it also gives people a sense of the dog’s capabilities against a person which can be intimidating.

The German Shepherd ranks close with the Pit Bull in terms of bite force. It averages around 238 pounds, which makes it a formidable foe in a confrontation. This can be a big problem if the dog is not well socialized and trained. While it used to be relatively well liked, it has fallen from public favor mostly due to temperament issues and physical health of the breed.

One factor that some critics tend to forget is that the German Shepherd is a very common breed in many areas. They are easy to find, which leads to irresponsible breeding and poor care by inexperienced or uncaring owners and breeders. Bad breeding can lead to serious developmental and temperament flaws, which can cause individual dogs to be more fearful, aggressive and difficult to handle.

The best way to avoid this problem is to only adopt from reputable breeders who are genuinely interested in improving the breed. Also make sure the dog gets plenty of socializing, exercise and obedience training from a young age. Despite its declining reputation, the German shepherd still holds a spot as the second most popular dog in the U.S. and fourth most popular in the U.K.

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