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15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time

Photo credit: Dakiny / Flickr

4. Chihuahua

After three big, bad bully breeds, it may seem strange to have a canine that’s so small in stature appear next. To their owners, Chihuahuas are adorable little dogs with big personalities.

To other, they are tiny tyrants. The Chihuahua can be loyal to a fault. They often intimidate strangers and are not recommended to have with children because they are easily provoked and will bite. This has earned them a very negative reputation among those who are not Chihuahua enthusiasts.

Physically, the Chihuahua doesn’t look intimidating at all, that is until it decides to bare its pearly whites. This breed isn’t scary because of its large size or muscly build. What makes it intimidating is the way it reacts and behaves.

The Chihuahua tends to take up the role of guardian of its owner and territory. They are fiercely devoted and it isn’t uncommon for the dog to attach itself to a specific person. When the tiny canine feels their human is being threatened, they won’t hesitate to take action. To them, they are doing their job. To us, they are possibly threatening a house guest or another pet.

Chihuahuas are also not good with other dogs. They are generally ok with dogs of the same breed (or a mixed breed that’s at least part Chihuahua), but may threaten or attack any other canines. This challenging personality is what has led to the breed’s negative reputation.

On the positive side, a person being attacked by a Chihuahua is far less likely to sustain life threatening injuries compared to someone being attacked by a larger breed. Their size is no excuse for owners to ignore their dog’s bad behavior. Even a small dog can cause painful damage that requires medical attention.

Good obedience training and socialization are a must to help tame the Chihuahua. Owners should still be aware of their individual dog’s personality to avoid potentially negative situations with other people and animals.

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