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15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time


14. Great Dane

The Great Dane’s size makes it both unique and feared. This German-bred canine is known for its immense proportions. A Great Dane named Zeus currently holds the title of world’s biggest dog, standing at an impressive 44 inches from his enormous paw to his lofty shoulder.

Great Danes are actually very sweet dogs, often considered gentle giants. They also do well with other people and animals and do not exhibit high prey drive. They still require training, but have a lot of potential as pets, which is why it’s a shame that their size makes many fearful.

Anyone who is researching the Great Dane will find it difficult to understand why some people dislike this breed. Unlike other “hated” canines, the Great Dane is generally a pleasant companion with few personality flaws. What makes this dog so intimidating is its sheer size.

Examples like Zeus are impressive, but they aren’t always the norm – even for this tremendously proportioned breed. The average male should not be shorter than 30 inches at the shoulder while females should not be shorter than 28 inches. A healthy Great Dane will be sturdy but not overly heavy.

A dog this size can easily reach any part on the human body if it wants to. That means if the dog bites, it’s more likely to land its jaws somewhere that could cause serious harm. Some children, when standing upright, are still face to face with the breed. This puts them in a precarious position if the dog isn’t well socialized and trained.

There have been very few incidents related to the Great Dane in recent years, so much of its reputation is based solely on its size and physical appearance. Still, owners should be careful to train and exercise their pets. Too much energy can cause an otherwise well-meaning Great Dane to possibly knock someone over (which can lead to other types of injuries).

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