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15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time

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Photo credit: greg westfall. / Flickr

13. Standard Poodle

The Poodle is among the breeds that people either absolutely love or completely hate. Much of this comes from their proper personality, high energy level and how purebred owners dress up their show dogs. The Poodle is often considered a symbol of wealth and proper etiquette. Watch any animated film featuring a Poodle and you will see these qualities personified in the animal.

There are actually different types of Poodles, grouped by size. The smaller versions include the toy and miniature Poodle. A medium Poodle is the next step up with the standard being the largest. The standard size is the most formidable because it possesses the same traits as its smaller counterparts, but with the potential to cause more problems and damage should it act out.

Poodles can be mischievous if they are not frequently engaged to stave off boredom. The breed is highly energetic, which can lead to that high strung personality that many people associate with them. They have a strong hunting drive, which can be problematic if not properly trained and exercised.

The standard Poodle has both size and brains. This breed often takes on the role of alpha if allowed to run with a pack of other dogs. While these traits are appealing in a hunting situation, they may not be as desirable in a family pet.

The standard Poodle is generally a good dog to have, provided the owner is willing to put in the time to train and entertain their dog. A restless Poodle can be a big problem, and excess energy can cause an otherwise friendly dog to nip and damage any property. The standard size may also be intimidating for small children.

Most people dislike Poodles because of the stereotype of the breed, but much of that is built around exaggerations or the result of poor ownership and care.

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