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15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time

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Photo credit: Hey Paul / Flickr

11. Chow Chow

Chow Chows start out as adorable little chubby pups and grow into large, fluffy dogs. Their hated reputation comes from their independent nature and potential for aggression. They generally weight around 70 lbs and are extremely protective of their families and property.

They are not good with strangers in many situations. The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that the Chow shouldn’t be overly aggressive; however, poor breeding and irresponsible owners can lead to serious behavior problems in the dog.

To the inexperienced owner, the Chow Chow looks like a big, friendly fluffy canine. While they certainly are fluffy, this breed can be very protective of its people and property. The Chow is not fond of strangers and will react if they feel their home or loved ones are threatened. This can lead to a very dangerous situation if the dog is not properly socialized.

Some people think that the Chow may be an “easy” pet because they are not overly active and their exercise demands are lesser than other large breeds. They still need opportunities to burn off energy to stay healthy and prevent boredom, but the Chow doesn’t require acres of land to run on.

According to the previously mentioned report of dog attack deaths and maiming by Merritt Clifton/Animal People, the chow caused 7 deaths and 54 incidents of bodily harm between 1982 and 2011. The stats are much lower than they are for breeds like the Rottweiler and Pit Bull, although that doesn’t do much to help the Chow’s reputation. They are not inclined to endear themselves to strangers and may cause visitors to feel intimidated.

Owners can help stem the anti-social attitude of their pet by giving the dog frequent and continuous socialization from the time the dog is very young.

This is extremely important because the dog will reject authority from any owner that has not earned its admiration by the time it reaches adolescence. The Chow may not require a lot of exercise, but it still needs the skill and attention of a devoted and experienced owner.

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